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Hello dear visitor,

We are happy to welcome you to the online location, so to say, of the Proud Project/Care for Minors.

The project is now moving his first steps to bring to the world the latest news and share with everyone the advancements, the knowledge and the successes we will be able to achieve during its existence and beyond.

Our main goal is to support new and more inclusive ways to integrate young migrants into our societies. They come from situations of despair and need and they are alone. We have a moral duty to help them. But it is not sufficient to simply give them what they need when they need, we believe the only way of integration is to guide them at becoming autonomous adults able to take care of themselves and those they care for.

Our success will be measured by their success.

Please, we are happy you stay up to date with everything we do, and we appreciate your support also if it just manifests in a message or a visit to this website or our social profiles every now and then.

What we would like to ask you is to share informations about our project with everyone you know so to raise the collective awareness about this project and the young people we are trying to help.

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