Working together for creating better chances

As Mentors we are tasked with a fundamental role in the growth of the less fortunate teenagers and young adults whom we are in charge of.

By sharing knowledge and resources we empower ourselves with a common set of tools to always be sure we are performing at our best.

Welcome to the resource centre of Proud

We all bring together our expertise to improve the chances for the teenagers and young adults we work with. This website is the reference point for any of us and it gives us access to all available material while putting us in contact with our fellows mentors all around Europe.


Mentors have access to a complete and constantly updated set of tools and documents which helps them in their important tasks


A place to discuss your experience as a Mentor, find help from fellow Mentors and the entities involved in the Proud Project

List of Mentors

You can access a network of Mentors from all around Europe

Sharing knowledge

The Forum is a space to share experiences and find help. A virtual meeting room where everyone is invited to participate and contribute to create a valuable and enriching environment.

Methodology, tools and more

A Mentor is tasked with a role of extreme relevance. A Mentor shoulders part of the responsibility of giving a new chance to young-adult refugees in shaping their own future.

We are fully aware that such a role cannot just be based on a surely necessary good amount of common sense. Techniques, knowledge, methodology and tools are extremely important in assuring the best results possible.

Anything You Need

A complete and always up-to-date library of resources available to all mentors.

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