A mentor now – a friend for life

The European project PROUD is currently recruiting volunteers who wish to become mentors for unaccompanied minors and youth. These volunteers will have the opportunity to attend a brief training seminar on the mentoring process and then, as mentors, will support unaccompanied minors to facilitate their transition to adulthood and independent life.


Who can become a mentor?

Any volunteer who:

25 years old​

Is above 25 years old, regardless of his/ her educational and professional background​

life experience ​

Has got significant life experience and knowledge he/she would like to share ​


Speaks English and/or the languages which unaccompanied minors speak ​


Is committed to implement all steps of the mentoring process (application, interview process, training and meetings with his / her mentee, supervision meetings, etc) ​


Has experience in similar activities and interventions​


Mentors who are third country nationals and who are/ have been migrants, refugees or asylum seekers themselves will be preferred. ​

How can you become a mentor?

Mentors’ participation is voluntary. In order to become a mentor for the PROUD project, the following steps need to be taken:

1. Application stage

potential mentors should fill in an application form, requesting data on their educational and professional level, as well as some information on their personal interests in order to facilitate the matching process.

3. Training stage

all selected mentors will participate in a 20-hour training seminar to prepare them undertake their role.

2. Selection stage

potential mentors will participate in an interview process, organized by project partners. At this stage, mentors will be asked to provide partners with a copy of their Criminal Record, as part of the screening process.

4. After the training

After the training, mentors will be matched with mentees and then a series of mentoring sessions will commence. During an eight month period, the mentoring pairs will meet for at least twelve (12) times, in order to jointly develop the mentees’ Action Plans.

For more information

contact us at info@careforminors.eu or use the form beside

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